Discount Notify App

The Discount Notification App, allows your visitors to subscribe to the products that they are interested in but the product price is not suitable for them. So that they automatically receive notifications when the price of the product drops. You can convert your visitors to customers easily.

  • 14 Days Free Trial

    You can try Discount Notify App for free in a trial period. When you install the app, Shopify will ask you to accept the charge but a charge is applied end of the trial period.

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  • Automated Notifications

    Allow your customers to subscribe to products or product variants. Subscribers get notified automatically when you discount the price of the product.

  • Flexible Look & Feel

    You can customize the button position. Before-after the product price, before-after add to cart button or you can set custom position for button.

  • Discount Options

    Choose your discount options,
    - When the price decrease
    - Percentage of a desirable discount
    - Exact price

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  • Adaptable to your Theme

    Adjust the design of button and popup. Choose colors, icons, and label which is suitable for your theme.

  • Track your Subscribers

    You can see which subscribers
    want discounts for which

  • Use Popular Email Providers

    Discount Notify App support SMTP protocol so you can integrate all email providers which is supports SMTP connections.

Fanatical Support

We are proud to have built amazing and long-lasting relationships with our customers. We believe five-star customer care is the most important part of our mission.

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