We believe five star customer care is the most critical part of our mission.

Can I try your apps for free?

Yes, you can try our apps for free in a 14 days free trial period. When you install the app, it will ask you to accept the charge but the charge is applied end of the free trial period.

Need Help? Contact Us

Open a Support Ticket, and we will respond within a day, but usually within a couple of hours.

Are you compliant with GDPR?

Yes, we are committed to being GDPR Compliant like all other Shopify App Partners.

What is the cost of the Discount Notify App?

Discount Notify app, gives you 14 days free trial and then applied 9$ monthly.

Which email providers supported?

Our apps support simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) so you can integrate all email providers which support SMTP connections.


Fanatical Support

We are proud to have built amazing and long-lasting relationships with our customers. We believe five-star customer care is the most important part of our mission.

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